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Removal Firms – How To Choose The Best Removal Firm

Choosing the best removal firm can make your house move go a lot smoother but the choice can be daunting.

A professional removal firm can help ensure your house move goes without a hitch, regardless of whether your move is local, across the country or overseas. Even a small move can involve a lot of heavy lifting and many people can underestimate how physical moving house can be. Using a removal firm means you will not be struggling with tight deadlines, difficult conditions such as stairs or narrow corridors and valuable possessions on your own.

But how do you about choosing the most suitable removal firm once you have decided to use one?

Recommended Removal Firms

Positive recommendations from friends, family members and colleagues can be the best way to choose a removal firm. You can be reasonably sure they provided a good service and people tend to remember if a removals team did a good job.

If you can’t get a personal recommendation for a removal firm then look for companies that have customer quotes or testimonials on their web site. Look for signs that the testimonials are genuine, such as customer names, dates and locations.

Removal Firm Quotes: How Much Do Removal Firms Charge?

It is a good idea to get quotes from several removal companies well before you are due to move. This gives you time to compare prices without being forced to choose a company you are not comfortable with.

Don’t make a decision based on price alone. Not all quotes will be equal because some removal firms may provide a better service by using a larger lorry or more staff, where as another company may try to cut corners by assigning less removal men or overloading a small lorry. Short-cuts such as these can lead to damages and a lot of unnecessary upset.

A more expensive company may offer a better service and could be prepared to negotiate on the price. If a quote for moving house seems too good to be true then it probably is! Check with the more expensive removal company as to why they can’t match the cheaper quote to get an idea of whether anyone is reducing their overheads by offering a substandard service.

Go With Your Instincts

Narrow down your search by selecting removal companies that have demonstrated professionalism and have been friendly and helpful when you contacted them. A removal firm that isn’t helpful during the quotation process is unlikely to go the extra mile during the actual move.

Its Not Just Lifting and Driving: Packing, Storage, Insurance

Packing can be a time consuming task and if not done properly can increase the risk of breakages. Check if your removal firm offer a packing service and can provide materials such as cardboard boxes for moving house.

Many firms provide insurance to protect you against breakages during the move but don’t assume that all do. It is also worth contacting your home contents insurer to see if your current policy will provide any protection during the move.

It is not uncommon for house moves to fall through or to move into temporary accommodation between buying property. If your removal firm also provides storage then this can be a useful additional service but not all storage is the same. Enquire how secure the storage is and whether your goods will be insured during storage.

Choosing a Local Removal Firm

If you are moving to an area of the country you are not familiar with then it is sensible to chose a removal company with local knowledge, particularly if your new property is difficult to get to. If you are moving from London to the South-West for example, then a Plymouth or Exeter removal firm would be able to offer local advice.

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