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Don’t Forget To Tell People You Are Moving House!

We know there is a lot to think about when you are moving house so we have compiled this handy list of people you need to contact with your new address.

Friends and Family

We’ll start with the most obvious one! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family your new address – unless you really want a quiet life. With so many of us on Facebook, Twitter and email, you can probably tell most people without buying “change of address” cards.

Your Employer

You might have taken a couple of days off to move house but don’t assume your employer will ask you for your new address. You will need to tell them your new address in case they have to send payslips or other documents to you.

Banks & Building Societies

You will need to tell your bank or building society about your change of address and this might be a convenient time to transfer to a branch closer to your home.

If you have other savings accounts, investments or pensions then don’t forget to update your details with them too. You don’t want to miss out on statements or other important information they may send you.

Car Insurance

When you notify your car insurance company about your change of address, you may find your premiums change because of the new postcode. Even if they don’t, there could be an “admin” charge for changing your address. This is a good time to shop around for a cheaper quote – or at least tell your current insurer that you are so you get a better deal!


You must update your Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) and driving licence. If you don’t then you could be hit with a fine…

Electoral Register

You are required by law to be on the Electoral Register and you need to be included on it to vote.

Utilities: Electricity, Gas, Water

You’ll need to contact your utility suppliers in advance of your move and settle any outstanding bills. You can keep your existing providers but you may be able to save money by shopping around for a better electricity or gas deal. This doesn’t have to be too time consuming with plenty of utility supplier comparison web sites out there.

Phone, Broadband, TV

This will be straightforward if you have your landline, internet, TV and mobile phone contract with the same company! If not, then it might take a few more phone calls. Don’t forget your TV licence too.

Home Insurance

This should be an obvious one really but you should check your current policy still offers adequate cover and that it covers your belongings in transit whilst they are moved to your new property.

The Post Office

You can ask the Post Office to redirect all your post to your new address so that you receive everything you should. It takes a few days to set-up so you should organise this in advance of your move. There is a charge but we think its worth it.

Anyone Else You Need To Tell When Moving House?

The list of people to notify can seem endless! Thankfully some are less urgent than others. You might need to also notify your solicitor, doctor, dentist, optician, breakdown company, any subscriptions e.g. magazines, the milk man, library, gym/sports clubs or schools. We think that’s it!

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