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Moving House With Children

Devon Move Removal Services recognise that the decision for a family to move home is usually made by one, or both parents, and it is normally made for practical reasons – a bigger or smaller house, closer to a particular school or workplace, nearer to friends or family etc.

However, parents need to remember that when a child is faced with moving house they are often too young to think practically about such a big change. After all, it’s not been their choice, therefore they will often think of the losses the move will have on them.

Younger children will often express their feelings, or show signs of stress, through changes in their behaviour. Their sleeping and eating patterns may change, they may become aggressive or clingy and in some cases bed wetting or sickness may occur. Older children may become moody or withdrawn.

In order to make your child’s move to their new home as stress free as possible Devon Move offer some top tips:-

  • If possible, take your children to see their new home a couple of times before the move.
  • When packing their toys and personal items, make sure they know they will see them again.
  • Leading up to the move, read young children stories about moving, there are some great books available in bookshops and online.
  • Don’t promise your child something you can’t fulfill when they get to their new home, this will only make things worst.
  • Ensure their room is the first to be unpacked – they need the security of familiar things.
  • Regularly talk, listen, understand and promise to help older children that are able to verbalise their feelings.
  • As much as possible, keep their routines like mealtimes and sleeping the same – enlist the help of family or friends if you need to.
  • We know moving is a busy time for parents but try to arrange some fun activities for the children when they get to their new home. This will help to keep them busy especially at times when they would’ve been playing in their previous environment or enjoying time with their old friends.

The good news is that in the majority of cases, any negative feelings children experience, are very soon forgotten. Once they are settled in their new homes, at their new school or college and have made new friends they will be back to their usual selves.

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