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Packing For Your Removal – Cardboard Boxes & Moving Kits For Sale

The key to a successful move starts with choosing the right removal company to help you with the job. This is very closely followed by how you pack your items into the cardboard boxes.

At Devon Move you can choose to let the professionals pack your goods for you or, depending on budgets, timescales and individual preferences, you may wish to pack yourself.

If packing yourself, choosing the right cardboard boxes and packing materials is paramount. Too flimsy and the cardboard box will not hold the weight, too small and you won’t get much in. We have lots of handy packing tips on our removals advice page and we also supply packing and moving kits that are available to members of the public from any Dainton Self Storage depot.

Can I use recycled cardboard boxes from the supermarket? Yes, you can collect free cardboard boxes from your local supermarket, but remember, these boxes have usually been designed and manufactured to be used once and often to take much lighter items. Most cardboard boxes designed specifically for packing household goods are stronger and will happily carry around 20kg – 25kg. For added security tape the bottom of the box as well as the top.

How many cardboard boxes do I need? Well, this is very much down to how many items you wish to move, but a general rule of thumb is approximately 10 to 12 per room.

Make sure each cardboard box is either full or padded with bubble wrap so that items can’t move around inside. Label each box with the room it is to go into, this makes unloading at the other end much simpler.

And, to make life easier when you get to the other end, fill one box with the essentials – tea, coffee, kettle, cups etc. as even if you arrive refreshed at your new home, your removal team will no doubt welcome a nice cuppa!!!

Finally, don’t forget that once you empty any cardboard boxes purchased from Devon Move following your move, they can be returned to any Dainton Self Storage Site where they will be resold for £1 with the money going to Children’s Hospice South West.

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