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Moving House – Don’t Be Intimidated By Moving

Any big change can be intimidating and changes don’t get much bigger than moving house. Many people find moving an anxious experience and put off organising the move until the last minute. This can actually make the move more difficult but with the right advice and help, moving house can be a smooth process and worth the effort to move to your desired location.

The scale of the task

Moving house can be a big job! If you have lived in a family house for a number of years there is likely to be an awful lot of stuff to pack and move and this can be intimidating. You don’t have to do it all yourself though. Devon Move offer a packing and inventory service and can provide boxes and packaging. We can pack everything for you or work alongside you to reduce the scale of the task.

Moving house can be physically demanding – we should know! If you are not used to it, then the prospect of lifting and carrying all those boxes can be daunting. We make sure we provide enough staff for our jobs and don’t cut corners like some removal companies.

Some people will prefer to carry out their house move themselves and hire a van or lorry but not everyone wants to do this. Our expert drivers have plenty of experience of driving large vehicles and can negotiate the most difficult of roads with a full load.

Getting the move done on time

Once the contracts are exchanged and the keys handed over, there is pressure to get out of the old house and into the new one.

This can be intimidating because other people are now relying on you to move everything by the agreed deadline. Devon Move can provide temporary house storage and removals in and out of storage so you can move a lot of your property into storage before contracts are exchanged.

Being ripped off

Moving house is expensive and it can feel like everyone wants a piece of you. There are estate agents, solicitors and house surveys to pay for and many people feel these services don’t offer value for money. If you choose a reputable removal company with plenty of experience and customer recommendations then you can be more confident they will do a good job.

The cheapest removals quote may not be the best. If a quote is too good to be true then the removal company is probably reducing costs somewhere, for example by using a vehicle that is too small or not sending enough manpower.

Loss or damage to property

Accidents do happen but using professionals who are used to loading and transporting heavy and valuable goods will reduce the likelihood of breakages or damages. Taking time and care to pack boxes properly and not over packing them might sound obvious but they are the kind of tips that experienced removal firms will have learnt over time.

If you have specialist needs, such as piano removals, then choose a removal company with relevant experience and always check they have insurance to cover any unfortunate accidents.

Not being able to adjust

People are often concerned they won’t be able to adapt to their new home, particularly if they are moving abroad, but these worries often seem insignificant six months later.

Concerns about the children not liking the new house or school are understandable but they might prefer the new location. Often children are more adaptable than adults.

Fear of making a mistake

Leaving your old life behind and starting again in a new place does scare many people but take time to remind yourself why you are moving, the benefits of moving and don’t forget you are not alone – there are many people involved at each step of the move who can help you.

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