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Moving House Before Christmas

You might think Christmas is an odd time to move house but it can be a surprisingly busy period for removal companies.

Most people think of Christmas as a time to relax, spend time with the family and eat and be merry. People’s social calendars are often at their busiest and packed with parties, visiting relatives, shopping for presents and attending the children’s’ Christmas plays. The last thing most people would consider is moving house so why is Christmas a busy time for removal companies?

Christmas in your new house

We all tend to associate Christmas with being at home, sat in front of the fire with a glass of wine and our new novelty slippers. The association between Christmas and a warm, snug house is strong and many movers are desperate to move in before the festive period.

Given a choice, they may not have chosen to move so close to Christmas but the almost inevitable delays in property chains often pushes back the removal date to the end of December. Rather than postpone the move until the New Year, people like to be in their new house for Christmas. This gives them the opportunity to decorate the new place, invite friends and family round and celebrate the successful move and Christmas at the same time. Some people even prefer to use the holiday to get on with some DIY and customise the new property instead of spending time with the in-laws!

New year, new start

The thought of starting the New Year without the house move hanging over them is a strong enticement for most house sellers. This means removal companies have to remain flexible and prepare for last minute changes. Christmas can bring unique problems for removal companies to deal with such as snow and icy conditions on the roads and staff on leave.

Stay in touch with your removal company

We always recommend keeping your removal company up-to-date with any possible changes to your schedule but this is particularly important over Christmas when they can be busy. If icy weather is expected on the day of the move then put some salt down on your paths and driveways to reduce the likelihood of anyone slipping or the removal lorry getting stuck.

Plan ahead and make use of storage

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping and preparations to the last minute. If you are moving in December and you normally plan your Christmas to perfection then you may have to accept that this Christmas will be a bit…well, different. Christmas should be about enjoying the usual traditions and spending time with those you love. If there are a few boxes left unpacked or you don’t have time to put up all your decorations then it won’t matter too much.

You can put some belongings into storage before you move so there is less to pack and move on the day. Some storage companies will even store your Christmas presents for you – for example, Dainton offer Elf storage throughout Devon and Cornwall!

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