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Using Storage For A Quicker, More Profitable House Sale

When it comes to selling our homes certain things are out of our control like the market conditions or the number of houses on the market in the same price range etc. However, what we can control is the ability to maximise our chances of selling quickly and for the best possible price.

De-cluttering, de-personalising, putting things into self storage, spring cleaning and staging our homes are the most crucial steps in getting the quickest sale. Let’s be honest, if potential purchasers open a cupboard and everything falls out, or if the spare bedroom looks like a giant storage cupboard, they will question whether the property is going to be big enough for them. And, don’t forget the garage! Using it as storage space is not showing it off as the asset it is – clear it out so everyone can see the size of it.

Buyers often lack vision and can be distracted so make sure your home is clean, bright, neutral and each room is dressed for purpose. It’s important potential buyers can easily see how the property could work for them and to visualise how their things will look in it. Collecting china owls may be your passion but it could be the nightmare of young professionals – so pack them away safely into storage as you want your home to appeal to as many age groups as possible.

The longer your house takes to sell the more likely you will have to accept an offer below the asking price and that could mean losing a few thousand pounds. And if you choose a self storage company like Dainton who have their own removal company, they will come and collect packed boxes or excessive furniture for you, saving you the hassle!

Remember that whilst you may be selling a lived in and loving ‘home’, potential buyers are looking to buy a ‘property’ as an investment – building their home will take time.

Packing For Your Removal – Cardboard Boxes & Moving Kits For Sale

The key to a successful move starts with choosing the right removal company to help you with the job. This is very closely followed by how you pack your items into the cardboard boxes.

At Devon Move you can choose to let the professionals pack your goods for you or, depending on budgets, timescales and individual preferences, you may wish to pack yourself.

If packing yourself, choosing the right cardboard boxes and packing materials is paramount. Too flimsy and the cardboard box will not hold the weight, too small and you won’t get much in. We have lots of handy packing tips on our removals advice page and we also supply packing and moving kits that are available to members of the public from any Dainton Self Storage depot.

Can I use recycled cardboard boxes from the supermarket? Yes, you can collect free cardboard boxes from your local supermarket, but remember, these boxes have usually been designed and manufactured to be used once and often to take much lighter items. Most cardboard boxes designed specifically for packing household goods are stronger and will happily carry around 20kg – 25kg. For added security tape the bottom of the box as well as the top.

How many cardboard boxes do I need? Well, this is very much down to how many items you wish to move, but a general rule of thumb is approximately 10 to 12 per room.

Make sure each cardboard box is either full or padded with bubble wrap so that items can’t move around inside. Label each box with the room it is to go into, this makes unloading at the other end much simpler.

And, to make life easier when you get to the other end, fill one box with the essentials – tea, coffee, kettle, cups etc. as even if you arrive refreshed at your new home, your removal team will no doubt welcome a nice cuppa!!!

Finally, don’t forget that once you empty any cardboard boxes purchased from Devon Move following your move, they can be returned to any Dainton Self Storage Site where they will be resold for £1 with the money going to Children’s Hospice South West.

Moving House With Children

Devon Move Removal Services recognise that the decision for a family to move home is usually made by one, or both parents, and it is normally made for practical reasons – a bigger or smaller house, closer to a particular school or workplace, nearer to friends or family etc.

However, parents need to remember that when a child is faced with moving house they are often too young to think practically about such a big change. After all, it’s not been their choice, therefore they will often think of the losses the move will have on them.

Younger children will often express their feelings, or show signs of stress, through changes in their behaviour. Their sleeping and eating patterns may change, they may become aggressive or clingy and in some cases bed wetting or sickness may occur. Older children may become moody or withdrawn.

In order to make your child’s move to their new home as stress free as possible Devon Move offer some top tips:-

  • If possible, take your children to see their new home a couple of times before the move.
  • When packing their toys and personal items, make sure they know they will see them again.
  • Leading up to the move, read young children stories about moving, there are some great books available in bookshops and online.
  • Don’t promise your child something you can’t fulfill when they get to their new home, this will only make things worst.
  • Ensure their room is the first to be unpacked – they need the security of familiar things.
  • Regularly talk, listen, understand and promise to help older children that are able to verbalise their feelings.
  • As much as possible, keep their routines like mealtimes and sleeping the same – enlist the help of family or friends if you need to.
  • We know moving is a busy time for parents but try to arrange some fun activities for the children when they get to their new home. This will help to keep them busy especially at times when they would’ve been playing in their previous environment or enjoying time with their old friends.

The good news is that in the majority of cases, any negative feelings children experience, are very soon forgotten. Once they are settled in their new homes, at their new school or college and have made new friends they will be back to their usual selves.

Removal services in Devon

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Moving Home – Removals Statistics, Facts and Figures

We’ve lost count of the number of removals we have completed at Devon Move – it’s a lot after more than twenty years of removals experience! A commonly quoted statistic is that moving home is the third most stressful thing you can do with only the death of a loved one or divorce said to be more stressful. We’ve compiled a collection of other interesting removals statistics for you to consider.

Even with all the stress it entails approximately 11% of the UK move in any one year which is almost 3,000,000 households!

Moving isn’t for everyone though and 60% of adults in the UK are thought to have lived in the same house for fifteen years or more and one in ten of us hasn’t moved for thirty one years or more. Unsurprisingly moving home is more common in the young with over half having lived in three homes by the time they get to twenty five years old. And a quarter of us will live in ten or more homes in a lifetime.

Where do we all move to? An article printed by the Daily Mail in 2012 states that the majority of moves are only a very short distance. Northerners only move within three miles of their old address and Southerners just six miles. People living in Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Newport are the least likely to leave their area with around 70% of moves remaining within the same postcode.

The most attractive region for households to re-locate to, unsurprisingly, is the South West of England with Torquay in Devon and Truro in Cornwall being the top two destinations. Considerably more people move into these areas and other parts of the South West than leave.

Remembering to do everything is probably one of the most stressful parts of any move so here at Devon Move Removals we would like to help you with a simple top 10 checklist:

  • Ensure your goods are insured during transit and in their new location.
  • Get you post re-directed through the Post Office.
  • Make sure you take meter readings at both your old and new property and keep them safe.
  • Make your bank, loan providers, pensions, card providers etc. aware of your new address.
  • Transfer your TV licence to cover your new home.
  • Inform your telephone, broadband and digital TV provider.
  • Tell the DVLA and get your driving licence updated.
  • Change the address on anything you subscribe to e.g. magazines etc.
  • If possible get your children and any pets looked after on the day of the move as it will be very stressful for them too.
  • Finally, pack an ’emergency’ box of kettle, cups, teabags etc. and take it with you, at least you can have a nice cup of tea when you get to your new home!

* Statistics taken from various articles on the internet.

What Makes The Best Removal Company?

When you are moving house, you want to choose a removal company that will provide the best service within your budget. But what makes the best removal company?

There are plenty of things that can go wrong during a house move and not all removal companies are equal, something that is true in all business sectors. By choosing a great removal company you can reduce the likelihood of something going wrong:

  • Damage to goods or property
  • Removal men arriving late or even on the wrong day
  • Losing property and insufficient insurance
  • Lack of communication
  • Extra costs not included in the quote
  • Not enough room in the removal lorries or vans

We think the best removal companies provide the following:

A friendly rapport
It is important to have a good rapport with customers and to empathise with their situation. Many people don’t like the upheaval of moving house and a good removal company will be aware of this.

When you are employing someone to move your belongings you expect them to treated with care and respect. Professionalism goes beyond this and includes being punctual and reliable.

Vehicles should be well maintained and staff shouldn’t try to cut corners to get the job done quickly. A professional removal company should have insurance to cover your goods during transit and be open about what is covered.

Honest & clear communication
The best removal companies will be in contact with you during the lead up to your move so that both parties are aware of any delays or problems.

Prices should be clear and competitive with no hidden charges.

An experienced removal company will have seen it all before and will be able to deal with any unexpected problems. They will be able to provide advice and should offer an on site visit to discuss concerns and check vehicle access.

Provide a full service
The best removal companies will be used to dealing with removals of all sizes and will be able to provide you with a full service, including cardboard boxes, packaging and storage facilities.

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