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Using Storage For A Quicker, More Profitable House Sale

When it comes to selling our homes certain things are out of our control like the market conditions or the number of houses on the market in the same price range etc. However, what we can control is the ability to maximise our chances of selling quickly and for the best possible price.

De-cluttering, de-personalising, putting things into self storage, spring cleaning and staging our homes are the most crucial steps in getting the quickest sale. Let’s be honest, if potential purchasers open a cupboard and everything falls out, or if the spare bedroom looks like a giant storage cupboard, they will question whether the property is going to be big enough for them. And, don’t forget the garage! Using it as storage space is not showing it off as the asset it is – clear it out so everyone can see the size of it.

Buyers often lack vision and can be distracted so make sure your home is clean, bright, neutral and each room is dressed for purpose. It’s important potential buyers can easily see how the property could work for them and to visualise how their things will look in it. Collecting china owls may be your passion but it could be the nightmare of young professionals – so pack them away safely into storage as you want your home to appeal to as many age groups as possible.

The longer your house takes to sell the more likely you will have to accept an offer below the asking price and that could mean losing a few thousand pounds. And if you choose a self storage company like Dainton who have their own removal company, they will come and collect packed boxes or excessive furniture for you, saving you the hassle!

Remember that whilst you may be selling a lived in and loving ‘home’, potential buyers are looking to buy a ‘property’ as an investment – building their home will take time.

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